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Fajr 6:30 AM
Dhuhr 1:40 PM
Asr 5:45 PM
Maghrib 5 mins after sunset
Isha 08:30 PM


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Azan 1:20 PM
Jamah 1:50 PM


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Monthly Prayer Time: In 2018, we will share with you a printable monthly prayer schedule in pdf format every month Insha Allah. Click here to download prayer schedule for October 2018 from our website

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 October 2018 Updates:

Family Halaqa with Shaykh Tarek
Oct 6, Saturday after Maghrib- Islamic History Month Part 1
Oct 20 Saturday after Maghrib- Islamic History Month Part 2

CTL-Carry the Light Convention
Oct 6 & 7, Sat & Sunday.  Plan to attend the event and buy ticket here:

MAB Annual Open House (An Islamic History Month Event)
Oct 13, Saturday 12 -4pm 
Opening Ceremony: 12PM, 
3 Tours: 1, 2 & 3pm

Municipal Election Day
Oct 22, Monday, Please vote

MAB Family Night- Halloween Alternatives 
Oct 31, Wednesday, 6-8pm

Imam's Message

Assalamualikum wa Rahmatullahi wa Barakatuh

Every year in October, Canadians have an opportunity to discover and celebrate the vibrant history of Islamic contributions to civilization. Given the current global climate defined by Islamphobia, war, and terrorism, the Islamic History Month Canada allows Canadians to see and appreciate the positive and beautiful side of Islamic history and heritage. It also helps Canadian Muslims rediscover and showcase their tradition of diversity, peaceful existence, community building, philanthropy, innovation, and service to society. The Islamic History Month Canada is also a time to remember the inspirational stories of Canadian Muslim pioneers, who laid the foundations of first cultural and religious institutions, as they helped build an inclusive and multicultural Canada.
I truly believe in the potential of Islamic History Month Canada in bringing Canadian Muslims and their fellow Canadians together in celebrating the beauty of Islamic culture and heritage through awareness and engagement. 
Thus, let us learn more about history of Islam and share them with others. 
Make our open house a success on Oct 13 12Pm to 4PM. Invite your friends and neighbors to our Mosque.

Some useful links for the community Newcomer Connections is a website that helps newcomers who make Brantford-Brant their home. It provides newcomers with information on local services and resources available in Brantford-Brant. Visit the immigration website at and send your questions and suggestions to

Grand Erie Immigration Partnership The Grand Erie Immigration Partnership is involved in planning and implementing activities promoting the economic and social integration of newcomers/immigrants. To learn more please visit us at this link .

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The Muslim Association Of Brantford

The Masjid

The masjid is a sanctified area, in which the rewards of prayers in congregation increase 25 to 27 times and where the mercy of Allah descends. It is considered the best of places by the Messenger of Allah (peace be upon him).

Ibn 'Abbas (may Allah be pleased with him) relates:

"Masjids are the houses of Allah on the earth. They shine up to the inhabitants of the heavens just as the stars in the sky shine down to the inhabitants of the earth."

A true masjid, in the legal sense, is a place that has been permanently dedicated to Allah for the sake of prayer, recitation, and His remembrance. Any piece of land that has been dedicated permanently for the sake of congregational prayers will also become a proper masjid..